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Too big? Too small? Too short or too long? Looking for a new outfit for the season and not keen on spending loads of cash on it? Reorganizing your home and wanting to get rid of things you don´t use any more? Or simply tired of shopping in massive shopping centers for hours where nothing new is actually offered? If your answer is YES then come and join for the PRAGUE (NOT ONLY) CLOTHES SWAP IN THE RED CROSS.

It is not a secret any more how „cheap“ production worldwide impacts local labour force, the environment as well as local economies. Tons of garbage are created every day due to „inexpensive“ products that multinationals push into the market and „motivate“ their customers to spend more and more creating artificial needs. And this is why we would like to invite you to come and share the philosophy of giving things another chance than simply dumping them when they are not needed any more.



  • Bring at least one swappable item and feel free to take back up to 15 items of your choice. The swap is meant not only for clothes but for accessories, cosmetics, small items for your house such as kitchen utensils, decorations, or flower pots, books (other than books in Czech are surely welcome), movies, board games etc. as well. The number of items limit is because the aim of the event is to also contribute with our donations to the Red Cross or Forewear. Therefore, keep things that will make YOU happy and that YOU'll personally wear and use.
  • Feel free to separate the items yourselves according to the labels around the room or we can also help you with that, just ask :)
  • Clothes in “unswappable” condition (meaning worn out already) are also welcome. Just let us know and they can still get recycled and used for upcycled products such as bags or pouches.
  • All the leftover items are going to be passed on to NGOs who will consequently resell them and to fund their activities, further donate them to people in need and create upcycled products.
There´s also going to be space to share some food so if you are an expert in cooking maybe a dish from your home country or just would like to show the result of your secret recipe just bring it over :)

To register,

simply fill in the form below. Write your first name (jméno), surname (příjmení) and your e-mail, the other information are not mandatory. Then click on „Zavazně přihlásit“ in the red box. You will obtain a confirming e-mail. Registration is important, because the space can only welcome a limited amount of people so first comes first swapping:)

For any further info just email at

Voluntary entrance fee

  • part of the funds are going to be used for cover Red Cross activities and projets – for more info check the web page of Czech Red Cross Prague 1.

We are looking forward to you :)

Your Swap Team

Datum a čas konání: 03. 12. 2015 v 17:00 – 21:00

Kapacita: 44

Kapacita této události je již zaplněna, děkujeme za pochopení.

Pořadatel: 4. MS

Místo konání


Hellichova Office (Czech Red Cross Prague 1)
Hellichova 632/11b
11000 Praha 1


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